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Your major source for food packaging and horticultural supplies. Here are some of the items manufactured and marketed by TNI Packaging, products that have been of service to the food and horticulture industries since 1968.

Chicken Tuckers 

CHICKEN TUCKERS®...TNI is the manufacturer of the original CHICKEN TUCKER, a pre-tied covered elastic food loop that is commonly used to tie or truss whole birds, especially rotisserie chicken. In 1998, TNI was awarded US Pat. No. 5,816,905 for a method of using color coded trusses or covered elastic string to identify certain ingredients, spices or marinates commonly used on the ever popular rotisserie chicken, as well as other food products requiring flavor identification.

This unique pre-tied loop keeps the bird whole and plump throughout the entire cooking process from the time it is put on ice to the time it is ready to serve. Legs and wings are held in compact shape against the body, preventing the bird from "flopping" around, espcially during rotisserie cooking.

Retailers find CHICKEN TUCKERS work perfectly because the bird cooks evenly, remaining whole and always salable. The company also produces the ties in a 50 or 100 piece consumer pack and sold in retail stores throughout North America.


Look what members of the Cooking Club of America are saying about Chicken Tuckers®!


Tamale Tuckers 

 TAMALE TUCKERS®...A smaller sized version of the CHICKEN TUCKER is used by commerical tamale manufacturers, food services, retail stores and even at-home tamale makers to hold the corn husk to the masa and meat of the popular Hispanic treasure, the "tamale". Because there are so many varieties of tamales, the use of the TNI's patented color strings is also used as a method in identifying certain ingredients or spices.



PERFECT WRAP™...The perfect-wrap was a name given to TNI's pre-tied food loop by those meat processors, foodservices and retailers preparing bacon wrapped filets, tournedos, brasciole, stuffed cabbage rolls, beef roll ups and the like because it does, indeed, perfectly wrap any food product that may require wrapping or tying. And, like the CHICKEN TUCKER, the pre-tied loop remains on the food product from refrigeration to the finished cooked product.

Color, too, can enhance the product in the meat case, drawing consumer's attention to any cut or variety of meat. This pre-tied loop food loop eliminates the use of costly metal skewers, plastic pins and the ever dangerous "toothpick".



NETTING...TNI has two types of netting available to the food and packaging industry, a soft knitted variety made of food grade high-density polyethylene and a soft knitted polypropylene yarn that is super strong and easy to handle.

Netting can be used on a variety of products such as fresh produce, for hanging hams during the cooking or smoking process, a cosmetic wrap for various types of meats, poultry, dry sausage, and other food products, as well as for plug trays, plant sleeves and Christmas trees.

TNI's HDPE netting may be HEAT SEALED eliminating the need for using metal or plastic clips. It can also be used in any HEAT SHRINK tunnel. The ultra-sonic seal is strong enough to hold any ham throughout the entire cooking or smoking process, not only saving a huge amount of supply dollars, but will also ease the many concerns about FOOD SAFETY, or a possible CHOKING HAZARD.

Our netting is also used in horticulture for: packaging fresh plants, plug-trays, plant sleeves, bird control and Christmas tree net. It is often used for packaging a variety of products like toys, parts and absorbent materials used in oil booms. We have netting for just about any need or application and can produce them to many specific sizes, lengths and color, even multiple colors if desired.

NEW! Bright RED and vivid GREEN Christmas Tree Netting from TNI. By using our polypropylene netting, you will reduce damage to trees and branches, improve tree handling, add sales appeal and improve appearance over use of twine. It is easy to use in any weather, inexpensive, fast and convenient. More information available in our Product Information section.

















MR. I. M. DUNN®...is a simple, easy-to-use food thermometer used to to check the internal temperature of meat, poultry, fish and other foods you are preparing. You can't tell by just looking and a food thermometer is a safe way to be SURE. Mr. I. M. Dunn should be placed in the thickest part of the food, and for meats, etc., never touching the bone, fats or gristle. When I POP MY TOP, the food is done. Mr. I. M. Dunn is available in a consumer package of 12, or in bulk for use by professionals.



Nursery Netting

Nursery Netting

• Small mesh netting that gently encases fresh plants.


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