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Perfect Wrap ™

Meets all USDA, FDA and CFIA requirements.  Made of a special polyester yarn that resists sticking to skin surface.  The Perfect Wrap can be used for…Tamales, Tournedos, Rotisserie Chicken, Beef Roll-ups, Stuffed Pork Loins, and so much more! The Perfect Wrap has eye catching colors, unbelievable labor savings and are as low as 1¢ each. Using toothpicks, metal or plastic skewers to hold bacon or other wraps on meat could prove to be most dangerous and pose a choking hazard. Perfect Wrap holds the wrap firmly to the meat product, remains on the product throughout the cooking process and then is simply discarded. Easy, safe and secure.

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Product Description

Perfect Wrap meets all USDA, FDA and CFIA requirements. Made of a special polyester yarn that resists sticking to the skin surface. Can be used on any fowl, including wild game. Also for beef roll-ups, stuffed pork chops, pre-sliced baked hams. Tamales, even to hold the bacon on a filet or Tournedos.


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